John Hawkins, Founder and President of Leadership Edge Incorporated, helps university students, young professionals and organizational leaders across America wrestle with the issue of developing a leadership lifestyle. John believes that this is essential for effective, long-term leadership of today’s complex organizations and corporations.

John earned degrees from Wake Forest University and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. His professional development includes completion of the Master Class for Leadership Educators at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. He has been published in numerous journals and publications including: Executive Excellence, Personal Excellence, The New York Times, Bottom Line Business, Student Leader Magazine, The Journal of the Service Industry Association and The Journal of Leadership and Management in Engineering. John’s book Leadership As A Lifestyle: The Path to Personal Integrity and Positive Influence was published in October 2001 by Executive Excellence Publishing.

More important than any of the above, John has been married to his wife Janet for 40 years, the father of Laura, Gary and Will, and "Papa" to Shelby, Barrett and Sadie. It has been in their family that John has learned the most practical lessons on leadership.