Announcing February 2019 Mentor Training

Interested in being trained to potentially become a Leadership Edge mentor? In February, we will offer TWO different web-based training cohorts from which to choose.

  • One will meet on Wednesday evenings, Feb 6- Feb 27 (8pm ET, 7pm CT, 5pm PT)

  • Another cohort will meet on Saturday mornings, Feb 9- March 2. (noon ET, 11am CT, 9am PT)

Below is an overview of the LEI training program and at the bottom is the link to register for either of the February training offerings.

Course Objective

"The prayerful investment in the life of a young leader is one way that God has given you to change the world."    ~ John Hawkins

To equip committed and mature LEI (Leadership Edge, Inc) alumni and volunteers through the mentor training program to become LEI mentors to help fulfill LEI’s vision of blessing and redirecting our country toward God-honoring leadership through our marriages, families, careers, communities and churches.

Requirements for Participants

We appreciate your interest in participating in the Leadership Edge (LEI) Next Generation mentor training program. To ensure your success in the training program as well as the cohort discussion sessions, we ask that you agree to the following:

  • Accept the Bible as the written word of God which reveals to us God’s truth and is our guide in all matters of faith and practice. LEI mentor training is developed on this basis of understanding.

  • Accept the LEI personal vision statement (PVS) which serves as the core framework of LEI mentor training.

  • Commit to prepare for the weekly training sessions by reading and responding to the modules.

  • Commit to complete the four training sessions. If you must miss one of the live web sessions, you must either attend the live session of a different cohort (when applicable) OR listen to the recording of the training session that was missed. Due to the value of participant discussions, more than one absence (of the four live sessions per cohort) will disqualify the participant from fulfilling completion requirements of this cohort.

  • Commit to prayerfully consider your interest and fit to become a LEI mentor. This decision will occur following completion of the training as it is mutually agreed up by the participant and the LEI staff.

Course design

The LEI mentor training program consists of 7 training modules, with each module including a written lesson. Be prepared to discuss the modules according to the outline below in the four web-based discussions. LEI staff leading the session will emphasize major points, guide participant discussion, provide examples and answer questions about the materials.

Mentor Training schedule of modules.png

Completion Requirement

  • Read and reflect on each module prior to web-based cohort discussion.

  • Participate in each of the four web-based training discussions. If one session is missed, listen to the session recording. Due to the value of the group discussions, at least three of the training sessions must be attended in order to fulfill the course requirements.

Expectation after Completion

Our hope is that those who complete this training will become mobilized LEI Next Generation Mentors.  This is not a requirement for beginning or completing the training. Those who complete the training requirements and commit at the end of training to mentor at least one mentee for 4 months will be qualified as a “Leadership Edge Mentor.”  We also hope that many of those who complete this mentor training program will eventually serve with us in training other mentors.

In February 2019, LEI will offer two mentor training cohorts: Click here for more details and to register for either cohort.

  • One will meet on Wednesday evenings Feb 6- Feb 27. (8pm ET, 7pm CT, 5pm PT)

  • Another cohort will meet on Saturday mornings, Feb 9- March 2. (noon ET, 11am CT, 9am PT)