Announcing the 2019 LEI Men's Gathering

The Leadership Edge Men's Gatherings bring men together around the vision of by God's grace, to step forward as God's man, in my spheres of influence, to serve His purposes for His glory. The weekend is built around practical talks, testimonials and small group discussions that relate Biblical principles to life and leadership in our various spheres of influence. Getting out of town and into the outdoors provides great retreat for prayer, learning, encouragement and outdoor recreation. For nearly 20 years, these annual Gatherings have been used by God to rejuvenate, strengthen and encourage men to step forward in faithfully impacting their spheres of influence. Spring 2019, we will look together at the life and leadership of David.

David: Glimpses into the Life and Leadership of a Real Man

  • His Qualifications - The Basis of His Selection to Be King

  • His Peers - The Developmental Influence of Jonathan

  • His Battles - Goliath, Saul and Absalom

  • His Mistakes - Bathsheba, His Family and A Few Other Things

  • His God - Adapting to God, Learning Humility, Wisdom, Intentionality and Resilience

    Through engaging with selected episodes from David’s life and leadership, by God’s grace, the participants will be informed, strengthened, challenged and encouraged to live as His men for His glory

Who Should Attend?

You! And any like-hearted men you would like to invite who are 21 or older.
*Note: LEI undergraduate student mentees are invited when they become seniors. By like-hearted, we mean:

  • He is an evangelical Christian or is accepting or interested and non-argumentative about the evangelical perspective.

  • He is coming to learn and contribute, not to dominate the weekend or redefine its purpose.

Reach out to a friend to join you and REGISTER TODAY...
...for your chance to get away from the distractions and
stresses of everyday life and refocus on being the man God has called you to be.

  • Awesome venue with nature and outdoor activities

  • Teaching and testimonials from John Hawkins and other alumni

  • Fellowship and small group brotherhood with other like-hearted men

  • Free time for reflection, spiritual renewal and outdoor activities

EARLY BIRD discount through February 15

First time attendee discount (click below for pricing and more details)

Mission Springs Conference Center  Scotts Valley, CA (6 miles from Santa Cruz, CA)

Mission Springs Conference Center Scotts Valley, CA (6 miles from Santa Cruz, CA)