Values and Commitments for Leadership Edge Volunteers

Our Mission

To provide excellent leadership training through authentic mentoring of next generation leaders to equip them for a lifestyle of God-honoring influence

Our Vision

To bless and redirect our country toward God-honoring leadership through our marriages, families, careers and communities, and churches

Our Vision for Our Lives and for Those We Train

By God’s grace, to step forward as God’s man/woman, in my spheres of influence, to serve His purposes, for His glory.

Our Values


  • All communication, verbal and non-verbal, will be fully truthful.


  • All transactions will be lawful at every point. We will take initiative to clarify the legal requirements related to specific transactions.

Value Added Services

  • All services will to the best of our ability add value to the lives and/or organizations of the individuals we serve.


  • All transactions will be shaped by a win-win mindset concerning what is good for LEI and what is good for the individuals that we come in contact with.

Moral and Ethical Purity

  • The lives of volunteers for LEI must reflect moral and ethical purity.


  • Volunteers for LEI will be accountable for the means and ends of their actions.

Commitments Regarding Our Work and Relationships

  • The ultimate tests for all of our actions are that we honor God and accomplish the LEI mission and vision.
  • We commit to doing what we say we will do and doing it when we say we will do it.
  • We commit to align our work and attitudes to the direction and intentions of those that supervise us.
  • We work as a team that values creativity, honesty, teachability, humility and personal responsibility.
  • We choose to live by faith and not fear and doubt.
  • We choose to believe the best of each other and build up each other.
  • We choose against gossip, small=heartedness, negativity and avoidance.
  • We commit to active membership and service in an evangelical church. 
  • We commit to live in a way both publically and privately that honors God and protects the reputation of LEI. 
  • We commit to the ongoing development of our own character and competence as it relates to our service within LEI.
  • By God’s grace we fulfill the commitments that we make.