What is Leadership Edge mentoring?

Our mentoring is a life-on-life experience between a mentor and mentee oriented toward a vision for Christ-centered, world-changing influence.  Whether meeting over coffee or a meal or spending time doing some kind of activity together, they have intentional conversations that include: prayer, Scripture reading, leadership frameworks and tools, coaching and debriefing of lessons learned.   

The mentor is a committed, mature Christian who has been trained as a Leadership Edge mentor. The mentee is typically a believer between ages 18 and 30 who is younger and/or less spiritually mature than the mentor and already possesses the basic foundations of Christian faith.

LEI Founder, John Hawkins, describes the distinctive characteristics of Leadership Edge mentoring of next generation leaders ages 18-30.

John Hawkins provides 5 reasons why it is important for Christians to mentor next generation leaders.

We mentor because we believe:

  • Our country today desperately needs Christ-centered leaders who lead with integrity and excellence in all spheres of their lives to impact the world around them.

  • Every Christian is called to vital relationship with Christ and to Christ-centered influence in all of life, for God’s glory.

  • Many young Christian adults desire to serve God and have influence, but lose their focus and miss their full potential because they lack vision and direction. (Proverbs 29:18)

  • Life-on-life mentorship, much like Jesus had with His disciples, provides vision, direction, and transformational life impact that lasts and multiplies to others.

Our hope is that our mentees develop Christ-centered, world-changing influence with a clear vision for their lives to step forward as God’s men and women in their spheres of influence.  We also instill in them an aspiration to mentor others to have the same vision and influence.

The personal vision statement used as the framework for LEI mentoring:

By God's grace, to step forward as His man or woman, in my spheres of influence to serve His purposes, for His glory.

Mark Younger, Cupertino, CA

Mark Younger, Cupertino, CA

"The personal vision statement has been key to helping me build a framework for decision-making. The mentoring has helped improve my ability to pull back and assess my progress as a leader in different spheres over time, becoming more self-aware. The relationships through LEI and the alumni network have helped sustain my faith & my resolve to lead across my spheres."

~ Mark Younger, Business Development at Apple

"The personal vision statement and the scripture that backs it up are concrete things that don't change-- that I can look to for the rest of my life as a guiding way, a compass, and it all points to Christ."

~Taylor Irvin, EMT at First Choice Medical Transport

What is the structure and content of meetings?

When a mentor and mentee begin a mentoring relationship, we ask them to initially commit for four months and then decide whether or not to continue.  This involves:

  • Weekly or twice-monthly meetings of approximately 75 minutes

  • Short reading assignments or exercises to prepare for each meeting (usually less than 30 minutes)

  • 'Life-sharing' recreation as schedules allow – sports, hobbies, projects, family meals, events, etc

Every meeting begins with prayer and usually includes:

  • Discussion, debriefing, and coaching around the mentee’s life experiences from the prior week

  • Discussion of assigned content (Personal Vision Statement, materials on leadership tools and frameworks, books on faith and leadership, etc)

  • Encouragement, goal-setting, implementing lessons learned, and prayer for the upcoming week