Todd Melby, President

Having been involved with Leadership Edge since 2012, Todd steps into his role with personal experience of the life-changing impact that is commonplace for LEI mentoring relationships.  Todd brings with him a passion for encouraging and developing people in any season of their lives.  His personal mission while at his previous company was to "love our employees well" with an eye toward helping everyone flourish in their own unique way.

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John Hawkins, Founder

As founder of Leadership Edge, Inc, in 1993, John has spent over 30 years helping university students, young professionals, and organizational leaders across America wrestle with the issue of developing a leadership lifestyle. John believes that this is essential for effective, long-term leadership of today’s complex organizations and corporations.

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Corrine Lawrence, Mentoring Services Manager

Joining the Leadership Edge team in 2015, Corrine is key to LEI success! Corrine manages LEI mentor services to both mentors and mentees in all our locations. In addition, as a seasoned administrator, she oversees administrative tasks and manages LEI communications, processes and many other essential tasks. 

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Tim Safley, Communications Director

Tim joined Leadership Edge January 2019 after serving on the Young Life staff for 14 years. He oversees our communications and fundraising efforts and brings a broad range of nonprofit ministry experience to this position. He believes that there is nothing more important than “showing up” in the life of another person for the sake of the gospel and has been involved in various mentor relationships for over two decades. Tim and his wife, Karen, live in Durham, NC, with their son, Lawson, and daughter, Anna.

Janet Hawkins, Women's Services Coordinator

After serving as a volunteer with Leadership Edge since its founding in 1993, Janet joined the staff team at Leadership Edge in December 2012.  She had worked the previous 13 years as a Technical Project Manager and Systems Analyst at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. As LEI Women's Services Coordinator, Janet is responsible to oversee program development and expansion of Women's Services at all sites. Janet also serves as Data Manager to oversee the development and use of data systems.