Chris Blocker, PhD, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University

"Students who participate in LEI's programs…are challenged to develop a vision for positive influence that is grounded in their character, competencies, and commitment. Along the way, these students develop a grid for personal maturity that looks outward to serving others and has a sustained focus on leading well in all areas of their life."

Tammy McLeod, Harvard Chaplain

“As I sat listening to the Lifestyle Leadership seminar with the Smart Women’s Securities at Harvard, I longed for this talk to be available for all groups at Harvard. Many of these women will become top leaders in the world and face many difficult and challenging issues in the professional settings to which they are called. Leadership Edge helps prepare students to lead well.” 

“Harvard graduates will lead in all different segments of society. The question then remains – how will they lead? Leadership Edge will give them a firm foundation for leading in character, competence and commitment. Others will follow their lead and great results will follow.”

Hannah McLaughlin, Harvard College ‘17, Harvard Smart Woman Securities

“We at Harvard’s chapter of Smart Woman Securities had the pleasure of having Leadership Edge present at our Leadership Workshop this spring semester. As a student organization focused on female empowerment and female advancement in the financial industry, we truly enjoyed listening and learning from Leadership Edge about the qualities of and necessities to be a great leader, inside and outside the workplace. Through Janet’s and John’s presentation and collaborative workshops, we were able to brainstorm and work and grow together as a student organization here at Harvard.”

Douglas James, former Assistant Dean For Academic Affairs, Duke University Graduate School- currently Assistant Director, Office of Faculty Development, NC State University

"Leadership Edge has provided training to a range of students at Duke University around ethics and leadership development. John Hawkins is refreshing to work with because he is patient and intentional to understand the audience and to consider institutional training goals. As a result, he connects the research on leadership and ethical development in a way that empowers the audience to reach their own insights. I offer my highest recommendation...and I coordinate over 30 events/speakers annually for Duke PhD students."

Chris Satti, former Special Assistant to Mayor Thomas Menino, Boston- Currently Vice President, Audax Private Equity, Menlo Park, CA

Speaking after the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings when he served as Special Assistant to Boston Mayor, Thomas Menino: "I am extremely thankful to have been exposed to LEI’s lifestyle leadership model before the attack. Behind the scenes, the mayor and his top officials were focused on public safety during the first week, which left a void of top-down leadership to oversee the business response. Compounding the challenge, there was no pre-existing template to guide the city’s business response plan; our core team of five literally had to devise and execute on the fly. The circumstances called for lifestyle leadership. Without realizing it at the time, I fell back on LEI’s pillars of character, competence, and commitment to visualize my role. The muscle memory of the leadership model kicked in reflexively, lending familiar structure in a period of chaos."

Comments from Participants of LEI Training Programs

“As I have been in the Army for five years now, I appreciate even more how important leadership training is. Many lessons must be learned by actually leading, but so many character traits can be taught. These traits then will be such a valuable tool to help young leaders make decisions and lead effectively. Thank you for training and teaching these lessons.”
“The class gave me a lot of knowledge that I otherwise would have never known. It was also a very compelling inspiration to apply that knowledge in the world. I think that the class format was good because it allowed us to apply what we had learned throughout the rest of the week.”
“It was a great mix of lecture and small group discussions. The amount of people was ideal as well. The speakers were dynamic and thoughtful and the two scenarios/cases were well selected.”