Sixty-nine percent of Americans who believe the U.S. is experiencing a leadership crisis, according to the Harvard Kennedy School Center for Public Leadership 2012 National Leadership Index.

Our Cause

We believe leadership without principles and integrity hurts people and ultimately fails to lead an organization and its people to reach full potential.  Unfortunately, we observe this almost everywhere we look. Examples such as greed in business, ethics failures in government, high unemployment and poverty rates, and increasing numbers of broken families all reveal the desperate need for more principled leaders who positively impact those around them by demonstrating character, competence, and commitment.

Our Goal

A nation whose leaders engage their spheres of influence with character and integrity to ultimately make society better for our children.

Our Role

We seek to develop the kind of leaders our nation needs by engaging students and young professionals at an age and station in life in which their most important views on life, leadership, and values are still being formed. We do this by providing classroom leadership training and no-cost, authentic life-on-life mentoring.

Our Mission

To provide principled leadership training and authentic mentoring for next generation leaders to equip them for a lifestyle of leadership.

Students who participate in LEI’s programs…are challenged to develop a vision for positive influence that is grounded in their character, competencies, and commitment. Along the way, these students develop a grid for personal maturity that looks outward to serving others and has a sustained focus on leading well in all areas of their life.
— Christopher Blocker, PhD Assistant Professor, Colorado State University